retro for a modern age

With VGNYevents’ Retro Equipment Rentals, you have access to a treasury of the most iconic and inspiring video game items from all eras. Our collection is not merely an assembly of vintage items. We inspire audiences by featuring the industry’s most game-changing consoles, unforgettable games, and nostalgic accessories.

With an unrivaled passion for gaming’s history, our team ensures that you have access to the exact pieces to bring an iconic ambiance and timeless gaming feature at your event. Our retro equipment is your gateway to the most influential moments in gaming history.

With VGNYevents, you’re not just renting equipment; you’re stepping into a time machine, revisiting gaming’s milestones, and bringing them back to life for your audience to experience. Embrace the nostalgia and let your event tell a story that’s decades in the making.

popular event systems

Nintendo gamecube HD console

nintendo 64 hd console

sega dreamcast hd console

microsoft xbox hd console

nintendo systems

nintendo entertainment system hd console

Image of a SNS with upgrades

super nintendo hd console

nintendo 64 hd console

nintendo gamecube hd console

nintendo wii hd console

sony playstation systems

playstation 1 hd console

playstation 2 hd console

playstation 3 hd console

playstation 4 hd console

sony playstation
3d tv

microsoft xbox systems

microsoft xbox hd console

microsoft xbox360 console

microsoft xbox kinect setup

microsoft xboxone kinect 2 console

sega retro systems

sega genesis hd console

sega saturn hd console

sega dreamcast hd console

retro equipment designed specifically for events!



properly maintained for 24/7 use

gamesave's with unlocks when necessary

additional event equipment

additional controllers

hdmi splitters

video capture cards

brook wingman controller adapters

professional arcade sticks


event extenshion cables

power strips


table skirts