TV's Monitor's & AV EQUIPMEnT

In the realm of gaming, visuals play an integral role in creating immersive experiences. We understand this significance, and hence offer a comprehensive range of high-definition screens and supplementary equipment to elevate your event’s visual appeal.

Our screen selection ranges from compact screens for intimate gatherings to large-format displays for major events, ensuring every game comes to life in crisp detail and vivid colors. But our offerings don’t stop at screens. We provide a plethora of supplementary equipment, from state-of-the-art sound systems to enhance the auditory experience, to lighting solutions that set the perfect mood.

Whether you’re hosting a small-scale gaming meetup or a large esports tournament, our team ensures you have the right equipment for optimal visual and sensory engagement. We handle everything from setup to breakdown, allowing you to focus on delivering a memorable event.

With VGNYevents, your gaming event is more than just an experience—it’s a visually striking spectacle that captivates and entertains. Illuminate your event with our screen equipment and discover the VGNY difference.

competitive gaming monitors

Sceptre IPS 27" 165hz Monitor

MSI 27" 165hz Monitor

Sony PlayStation 3D 24″ HDTV

picture of a benq gaming monitor

Benq 24" GL2460 monitor

Picture of asus gaming monitor

asus 23" vx238h monitor

HDTV Setups

40" vizio hdtv

32" vizio hdtv

65" vizio hdtv

50" vizio hdtv

24" vizio hdtv

Stylistic displays to make them say "WOW"

Seiki 22" 1080p RETRO STYLE HDTV

Crosley 24" 1080p Retro LED HDTV

LG 14" Retro Classic CRT TV

Gakken World Eye DISPLAY

CRT PVM BVM - old glass tube televisions

LG 14" Retro Classic CRT TV




Illuminate your gaming event with VGNY Events’ Screen Equipment and more. Offering a range of high-quality screens and supplementary equipment, we ensure your event captures attention and delivers an immersive gaming experience.